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2023-2024 schedulE

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Click HERE for our 2024 Summer Camp Schedule!
Camps begin June 25th!

Jan-June Session is DONE

Class Descriptions

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Combining dance technique and precise acrobatic skills, acro has become a very popular form of dance! Strength and flexibility are a huge part of acro and you can see this in the Cirque du Soleil productions.



Considered to be the most important dance genre, ballet is strongly encouraged for all dancers who want to be proficient in jazz, lyrical and contemporary. Ballet is one of the oldest dance forms and has its own language. Graceful body lines, strong turns and beautiful leaps are part of ballet.



If you combined ballet, modern, jazz and lyrical, you would have contemporary! Using complicated floor work, contract and release of the torso, changes in speed and direction, contemporary is a great class to challenge your creativity.



A street dance that incorporates elements of breakdancing, popping, locking and other styles performed to hip hop, R&B and pop music. If you like high energy classes that use rhythm and a strong beat, this is the one for you!


While Jazz dance has a rich and long history, the type of jazz we see today is contemporary and commercial jazz. Using ballet as its base, we teach strong technique, clean lines, and good body control. Jazz is taught to pop music with high energy and lots of attitude! 



A somewhat newer form of dance, lyrical is between ballet and jazz. While still having a strong technique base, lyrical is more expressive, using song lyrics to tell a story to the audience. Dancers are encouraged to let go and tap into their emotions.



Another dance form with a long and rich history, tap uses rhythm and musicality to create its own music. Dancers will learn the basic steps of tap, mastering the moves and work on improvisation.



Technique classes allow dancers to focus on the fundamentals and perfect their skills. This creates a stronger dancer with refined movement quality.



We offer Creative Movement, Tap/Ballet and Tap/Ballet/ Jazz Combo for ages 1.5 - 6. These classes are a perfect introduction to dance for the little ones who want to learn some new skills and have fun with their friends!

"Tell Me" - Lyrical
"Shake That" - Hip Hop
"Spectrum" - Acro
"Workin Day & Night" - Tap
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