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About Us

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Our Story

We believe that dance stretches far beyond the steps you learn. It is about a much deeper connection. It's the connection between the dancer and the music, getting lost in the steps, but also the connection with your fellow dancers and instructors. It's these connections that last a lifetime. 


The three of us were fortunate to be introduced through the dance world, and will always be thankful for the deeper connection we share, not only with each other but with our students, faculty and the dance families we've met along the way. Nothing makes us more happy than to see dancers who have grown up and moved away, but still come back to visit because the dance studio will always hold such a special place in their hearts. 


It is this connection that led us to want to do more for our students. The Dance Connection Bend is built on a strong foundation of love and respect for every dancer that walks through the doors of our studio. It doesn't matter your age or skill level, at the end of the day we all are brought together by the common passion for movement, music and connecting with one another. Together we create our dance family. 


We are thankful for the Central Oregon families that support our vision by connecting with us and help us spread our passion for dancing with the future generation. We take pride in the quality of instruction we offer and the atmosphere you will feel from your first steps through our front door. 


With Love, 

Amy Adams, Lauren DuBose and Paige Coduti 

Owners, The Dance Connection Bend 

Our mission

The Dance Connection Bend is dedicated to providing quality dance instruction for all ages in Central Oregon. Our faculty is committed to welcoming all skill levels to a variety of classes in various styles of dance. Our goal is to connect with each and every student to create lasting memories and celebrate every dancer for their passion and dedication. Together we will create, connect and celebrate!

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